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This page is meant for the use of retail customers. If you are a store interested in purchasing from Monday Knight Productions please go here!

1) Minimum Order: There is no minimum order.

2) Where will we ship: We will ship anywhere worldwide, as long as reliable payment can be made prior to shipping.

3) Shipping Methods:

Domestic USA: Most larger package will be send my FedEx Ground within the Unites States but so smaller orders will be send by USPS. We will also use the most economical method possible.

International Shipments: All packages shipped outside of the United States will be sent through the United States Postal Service.

4) Shipping Costs:

Domestic USA: All Domestic Order more than $100 will be shipping for free. Orders less than $100 will be charged exact shipping by plus $3.00 for handling.

International Shipments: All International Order will be charged the exact shipping costs plus $3.00 for handling.

International Shipping Help from MKP: We know that shipping is getting expensive, so we are going to help you out. For International Orders more than $100 we will cover the shipping cost from our warehouse to your point of entry. Orders to Europe will be credited shipping from our location to New York City. Orders to Asia, Austrailia, and New Zealand will be credited shipping from our location to Los Angeles.