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Updated 12/05/2002

Action Card Possibilities Chart

 A simple correction.  Page 7, Action Card Possibilities Chart: Change “C.” from “Move and fire at ˝% chance” to “Move and Fire with a -4 column shift.


A modification of Chart 8, Rate of Fire.  Bows can fire two arrows per action ONLY if the character does not move.  If the character moves they may only fire a single arrow per action card.


A single modification must be made to the “Showdown” rules.  If any character involved in a showdown uses a “long arm” (rifle, shotgun, etc.), he/she receives a “-1” modification to the die roll to determine who shoots first and may only fire a single shot per round.


Within the rules no load points are assigned to dynamite.  That was an intentional omission.  The reason for this is that we assumed no one would really be interested in carrying a lot of dynamite.  If you must have a load point assigned to dynamite, use ˝ load point for carrying dynamite and a character can carry a maximum of 10 sticks.  Heck! If they want to carry more, let them, then “shoot ‘em and watch ‘em blow!”  (Remember: If you shoot someone carrying dynamite, roll 10% for each stick (cumulative).  If you “Hit” a stick explodes.  Thus 10 sticks is a 100% chance, 9 sticks is a 90% chance, etc. . .  One more thing concerning dynamite, we were asked about damage if a stick explodes while you are carrying it.  Don’t worry about it; your character never felt anything. (i.e. – You are dead!!).  

Prone (Previously unexplained within the rules set.)

·        Becomming Prone: Becoming prone requires 1” of movement. (This modification overrules the penalty shown on Page 7, Chart 6 (Movement Modifiers/Penalties))

·        Staying Prone: A Character may move by crawling and remain prone.

·        Getting up from being prone: Getting up from being prone requires a loss of ˝ of the character’s movement.

·        Firing from prone: There is no penalty for firing from prone, except those that would normally occur from other actions (such as the character moving, being wounded, etc.)

·        Advantages of being prone: Prone characters are harder to hit, subtract 2 columns when firing at a prone target.  (This modification is shown in the charts in Desperado III and overrules the text on Page 13, Prone Targets).  Only a prone character can brace a weapon when there is no terrain on which to brace a weapon.

  Bracing: (Previously unexplained within the rules set.)

·        What is Bracing? Bracing is resting a longarm (rifle, musket, shotgun, etc.) on a stable platform and therefore improving the character’s chance of hitting a target.

·        Why Brace? A braced longarm gains the character a +1 column shift when firing.

·        What do you need to Brace?

               i.            One Action Card where the character has not moved.

               ii.            The character must be firing a longarm (rifle, musket, shotgun, etc.) to brace.

               iii.            Must have a terrain piece (log, window sill, rock, etc.) to rest your longarm upon OR you must be prone.

Check for updated errata as the necessary changes are brought to our attention!